The Work Release Program LIstener Power Rankings are here!  Each Monday Kotter and Marshall will power rank you, the listeners of the Work Release Program by posting their top 5 lists.  At the end of each month those lists will be combined into one final top 5 lists.  Listeners on the final top 5 list each month will have the opporunity to participate in an exclusive event.

If you want to make the list all you've got to do is participate in the Work Release Program by calling or texting in, posting to social media and coming out to station events!

Top 5 Lists from 2/17/20

1. Bradley Hudson
2. Sandy Lynn
3. Andrew Yanes
4. Mark Richardson
5. Daniel Pawloski


1. Dave Goodell
2. Sandy Lynn
3. Bradley Hudson
4. Scott Moffatt
5. Don Garman

Top 5 Lists from 2/10/20

1. Sandy Lynn
2. Doc & Andrea
3. Mikey Lupica
4. Bradley Hudson
5. Andrew Yanes


1. Tanner Jacob Hamilton
2. Sandy Lynn
3. Erin Antly
4. Doc Faust
5. Scott Moffatt