Our On-Air Team


Dave Farra

Dave is the voice of reason on the show. He’s married with four kids and is doing his best to stay as young as possible. Dave likes to think that he has it all together, but like most of us, he doesn’t. When he’s not on the air, you can find Dave hosting and producing content for AXS TV, VSiN, The World Poker Tour and Tuff-N-Uff MMA on beIN Sports Network.



Mahoney is the show’s wild card and over-reactor.  He always speaks his mind about any subject no matter how much or how LITTLE he knows about it. His opinions are regularly as big and outlandish as his personality. Unlike Dave, Mahoney is doing his absolute best to be as old and comfortable as possible. He and his wife are Disney Cruise fanatics, he also loves a good bourbon or cigar and his ultimate dream is moving into a retirement community before the age of 55.



Audrey is the voice of compassion on the show.  She brings an optimistic and positive perspective that balances out every conversation. Audrey loves to travel, work out, and spend quality time with her friends and her little dog Blu, her adorable Yorkie.

LA Rock

I’m a typical Millennial still figuring out this adulting thing. Loved music since middle school band but unfortunately, I have no musical talent so radio here I come. 32-year-old dog mom who loves everything Halloween-related and rock and roll. 🤘



Marshall has worked in radio for almost 20 years and has seen it all while working across the country from Peoria, IL to Las Vegas, NV. He’s now found his home in the Low Country and Coastal Empire!

He’s your buddy, pal, but most importantly your friend every afternoon giving you the latest info on your favorite bands, telling stupid jokes, and bribing you with free stuff @ 5 pm every weekday.

As he likes to say at the end of every show…. “be good, be kind, be safe, and as always, I love you guys!”

Greg Beharrell

The Greg Beharrell Show is unlike any you’ve heard before! (We’re sorry).

But who else could spin you musical tales, read a weather report for your dog, and serenade you a song?
Perhaps you shall be one of the lucky (sort of) listeners from across the nation to call in and make verbal
magic with Greg!

When it comes to radio shows, TGBS is easily in the top two or three million.


I was born in Boston, MA and grew up in a small town called Walpole. I studied Communication at Curry College in Milton MA. That is where I caught the “Radio Bug.” I worked at WMLN, my college station for all four years. My senior year I had an internship at a station up in Boston and continued working there until I decided to trade in my snow boots for flip flops and move to the coast. As a Bostonian I root for all my favorite hometown teams even if they are not doing well. I even got a Red Sox tattoo during an awful season. Speaking of tattoos, I am obsessed with them. I have 14 and counting. When I’m not on the air, I’m spending time with my family or at a concert.


Full Metal Jackie

Listen Saturday nights at 10 pm!

Full Metal Jackie began her radio career as a DJ at WSOU Pirate Radio, Seton Hall University’s legendary metal
station. Instantly addicted to the excitement of life behind the mic, she graduated Pirate Radio (and Seton Hall), to
become an on-air personality at WHTG (Neptune, NJ), and later at WDHA (Dover NJ).  Not content to limit her
exposure to New Jersey, Jackie set her sights on bigger markets (and warmer climates!), making her way west to
California’s gold coast. Establishing herself in Los Angeles, she learned the business side of radio and promotions
while working for one of the music industry’s largest management companies. After a short stint as an on-air host at San Diego’s 94.9 KBZT, Jackie landed the opportunity she had been working toward since her early WSOU days: host
and producer of her own (and L.A.’s only) commercial heavy metal radio show, CHAOS on Indie 103.1. Working
alongside other Indie 103.1 hosts such as Steve Jones (of the Sex Pistols), Henry Rollins and Dave Navarro, Jackie
quickly brought The FULL METAL JACKIE RADIO SHOW to the station’s forefront.  Today she hosts WHIPLASH,
The only Hard Rock and Metal Show on the radio in Los Angeles airing on the legendary 95.5 KLOS.  She is the
The FULL METAL JACKIE RADIO SHOW can be heard on rock stations around the Country!


Catch Holly every Saturday from 7 – 10 pm & Sunday from 6 – 10pm!

LA Lloyd’s Rock 30 Countdown

LA Lloyd’s career in radio has taken him through many cities and radio stations. He has worked from the Carolinas to California and has been in Austin and San Antonio, TX since 1995. Lloyd is currently on air 3-7pm weekdays at 93.7 KLBJ-FM in Austin, TX. He has been co-hosting the LA Lloyd Rock Countdown, which has been syndicated nationally, since July 4, 2000.

The LA Lloyd Rock Countdown features the top 30 rock songs counted down over a three-hour duration. Each week a guest co-host is on the countdown and is interviewed by LA Lloyd throughout the show. This gives the artist the opportunity to get more in-depth about their music and lifestyle. The biggest bands have co-hosted including Metallica, Slash from Guns N Roses, Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, Disturbed, Shinedown, Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, Halestorm and many other bands who have been on the Rock Countdown chart since 2000.

Several radio stations have aired the LA Lloyd Rock Countdown since its inception across the United States, even Hawaii and Alaska. In addition, the countdown has been heard in Mexico, Canada and St Maarten.