Our On-Air Team


Marshall has worked in radio for almost 20 years and has seen it all while working across the country from Peoria, IL to Las Vegas, NV. He’s now found his home in the Low Country and Coastal Empire! He’s an impulse-driven guy that doesn’t take a step into what he’s into but literally will throw himself down the well for it. He, his wife, and two dogs reside in Savannah’s Southside.


I was born in Boston, MA and grew up in a small town called Walpole. I studied Communication at Curry College in Milton. That is where I caught the “Radio Bug.” I worked at WMLN, my college station for all four years. My senior year I had an internship at a station up in Boston and continued working there until I decided to trade in my snow boots for flip flops and move down south.


Conceived in a bar parking lot after a company Christmas party brawl, Billie is your host for The Bad Ass Rock Show. Billie had a lot of plans in life as a young lady; she was going to go to Yale and study law to become the first female president. Then she discovered weed and Led Zeppelin and life took a dramatic, but yet much rewarding turn. She loves all types of rock but holds a fondness deep in her cold black heart for heavy metal music.


LA Rock

Before you ask I am NOT from LA BUT I am from California. I’m just a Cali girl raised with some southern hospitality. Sadly though, I don’t think the southern etiquette stuck because more than likely you will hear me reach a 4 on the Richter scale for my burps.

Things you might like about me.

  • I love vinyl, my collection is always growing.
  • I tend to like animals more than humans, but I’m sure we will be besties.
  • My blood type might as well be coffee.
  • If I’m not taking a selfie with Instagram, I’m probably lip synching horribly on Snapchat!

Jeffe II the New Music Beta Fish

Jeffe II the New Music Beta Fish calls the Rock 106.1 studio home! He loves chilling out, looking cool and picking new rock to play. Check him out Thursday mornings at 8 when he selects a new tune to get played on the air.