Work Release Program with Kotter & Marshall


The Work Release Program with Kotter & Marshall from 4p to 7p on Rock 106.1.

Once upon a time the show was hosted solely by Kotter.  While on vacation Marshall filled in and decided not to leave once Kotter got back.  At first they split the show in two with Marshall hosting 3 to 5 and Kotter taking care of 5 to 7.  But  after a night of serious drunkenness and the scribbling down of ideas on a napkin (see below) they decided to host the show together.  The End.


Last week Kotter posted to FB claiming he went for a run.  Well he didn’t and Marshall busted him on air.  His punishment was to run five laps around the building that houses the Rock 106.1 studios.  Here’s a photo of Kotter getting ready to run and then what he was doing instead of running.  Yes that’s a beer.  Thanks to Intern Katie for being Marshall’s spy.

Kotterreadytorun Kotternotrunning


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