WTF: Driver asleep at the wheel on 4 lane highway

“The California Highway Patrol said an officer broke a window to wake an allegedly drunk woman found sleeping in a car stopped in the middle of a busy interstate. Witness Paul Anderegg spotted the car stopped in the middle of Interstate 805 northbound in San Diego early Friday and he pulled over to the side of the road. Anderegg said he walked across traffic to reach the car, which he said other motorists were passing on either side without stopping, but he was unable to wake the woman by knocking on her window. ‘You can see cars are going by 65, 70, even 80 miles an hour. Any impact… and that was very close,”‘CHP Officer Jake Sanchez told CNN Wire.

Anderegg called 911 and CHP Officer Sergio Flores soon arrived on the scene and attempted to rouse the motorist.
The highway patrol said Flores used his flashlight to knock out the passenger side window when the woman removed her foot from the brake and the car started to roll. The woman, identified as Amber Dlaine McKinney Morgan, 25, woke up and shifted the car into park. Morgan was removed from the car and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. Police said a large bottle of alcohol and other drinks were seized from Morgan’s car.” (UPI)


WTF: Man fills lighter, set table and himself on fire

A man who filmed himself refilling his lighter, accidentally set fire to his table. In his attempt to refill his lighter, he spilled the lighting fluid on his hands, as well as the table. Without cleaning the area, he ignited his lighter, and the fluid quickly went up in flames. (Metro)


WTF: Shark vs. Moose


Two men happened by a beach in Newfoundland where a beached shark was choking on a large piece of a moose! They immediately performed an improvised shark-CPR and dislodged the meat from the shark’s throat. Then, they managed to haul the animal back into the water as a crowd of onlookers cheered. It began to breathe after about 30 minutes, and the shark was able to swim away. (TheStupidNewsNetwork)


WTF: Snake in a cereal box

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A man in Australia found a Diamond Python in a box of Corn Flakes on his counter. He was going to prepare himself an afternoon snack, when he noticed the snake curled up inside the box. He phoned Animal Services, and the snake was safely removed and brought to a nearby brush. (Metro)


WTF: Man suspects wife stole cocaine, calls 911

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Police say a man in Ohio phoned 911 to report that his wife had stolen his stash of cocaine. Police officers arrested the caller and charged him with possession of drug paraphernalia and misuse of 911. If convicted, he could face up to 60 days in jail and pay up to $500 in fines. The suspect also had an active warrant out for failing to pay previous fines. (UPI)


WTF: Man visits jail with sword in his cane

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A man in Texas went to visit his imprisoned son and was caught at the security check-in with a sword hidden inside of his cane. He was able to walk through the scanners without the cane. The cane passed through a separate scanner and the alarms sounded. An officer who inspected the cane twisted the top (which was shaped like a snake’s head) and revealed a two-foot long sword. The man was arrested on the spot. (ABC)


WTF: Bus passengers pee on bees

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Many passengers on a bus in Vietnam were stung in the genitals by a swarm of bees. The bus pulled over on a highway in Vietnam to let several of its male passengers relieve themselves. One of the passengers decided to urinate on a bee hive. Of course, the bees began to attack this man, and the rest of the men on the side of the road. Twenty-two people were sent to the hospital with stings on their hands and faces. Three men reported stings on their private parts. (Metro)

WTF: Foiled by his own brick

An Irish car theif was apprehended after foiling his own robbery. Gerry Brady, owner of a pub in Ireland, went out to his car and found a man bleeding on the ground. He thought that the man had been attacked. Brady called the police after the man demanded money from him. When police arrived, the man claimed that Brady attacked him. Video surveillance confirmed that the man was attempting to steal a car by smashing the window with a brick, only to have the brick bounce off the window knocking him out. (UPI)