WTF: Man eats pasta off of subway floor (video)

A brand manager for Bissell Canada vacuum cleaners is getting a lot of attention for eating spaghetti off a subway floor. In a video, Ravi Dalchand vacuums a patch of floor and proceeds to eat pasta off the same spot. He then sops up the sauce with bread inside of the Toronto station. According to the ad for Bissell’s Symphony All-in-One-Vacuum-and-Steam Mop, “You get a clean, sanitized hard floor.” (Huffington Post)


WTF: Evicted for loud sex swing

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On Friday, a German court ruled in favor of a landlady who evicted a tenant because his sex swing was making too much noise. The court agreed that the tenant violated his rental agreement to keep quiet between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. when he used his “very old” chain sex swing. According to reports, neighbors had filed multiple complaints ever since the resident installed the swing in 2012. The court ruled that the tenant’s late night use of the swing was not “normal rental use” and that it could not be tolerated as “socially acceptable.” (Time)


WTF: Man named Stoner arrested on drug charges

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A Virginia man with the last name Stoner was arrested for selling marijuana. Police were tipped off that 42-year-old Paul Scott Stoner was selling drugs to children. The Blue Ridge Narcotics and Gang Task Force teamed up with the Orange County Sheriff’s office to execute a search warrant on Stoner’s house that turned up nearly 10,000-dollars’ worth of marijuana plants. Stoner is currently charged with manufacturing marijuana and possession of a firearm while in possession of more than a pound of the drug. (Huffington Post)


WTF: Man calls 911 after being “ripped off” by stripper

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A 53-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly called police to complain that strippers wouldn’t have sex with him. William McDaniel supposedly became “sexually aggressive” towards the stripper after paying $350 for a private dance. He called authorities after his advances were rejected to complain that he had been “ripped off” because he paid for “sexual acts that didn’t occur.” (Huffington Post)


WTF: $21K missing from roof in vegas

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$21,000-dollars is missing after the cash fell from the top of an Atlantic City casino. GardaWorld armored car services picked up the money at Revel Casino, but the drivers forgot to put the money in their vehicle. Surveillance video shows the bag on the driver’s side roof as the truck left. It’s not clear where the bag fell off, but the GardaWorld is investigating the incident. (NewsDay)


WTF: Doctor makes female co-worker motorboat her implants

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A weight loss doctor in West Virginia was fired after she repeatedly exposed her breasts and asked a co-worker to “motorboat” her breast implants. A new report has alleged that 44-year-old Dr. Tressie Montene Duffy is unqualified to continue practicing medicine for breaking several medical and ethics laws. In the 31-page complaint, Duffy grabbed an unidentified female coworker’s head and asked her to “motorboat” her. “Complainant R” said the alleged sexual abuse as well as Duffy throwing a chair at her led her to quit her job. (Huffington Post)


WTF: Man asks Siri where to hide body

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A Florida man, who allegedly killed his roommate, asked Siri where to hide his body. 20-year-old Pedro Bravo supposedly told his iPhone quote, “I need to hide my roommate” after kidnapping and strangling Christian Aguilar following an argument. According to evidence from Bravo’s phone, Siri responded by asking “What kind of place are you looking for?” Police also found the flashlight app had been used later that evening, which police speculate was used to navigate the woods where the body was hid. (The Independent)


WTF: Woman admits to making porn in church

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An Austrian woman admitted to filming pornographic videos inside a church after a tipster recognized her breasts. The woman, whose face was not shown in the videos, undoes her top and exposes her breasts while sitting at a pew in Hoersching Church . The footage was shown on local television and eventually, an unidentified individual recognized the woman’s breasts. The 24-year-old woman called “Babsi” confessed and is now facing charges of offending religious feeling and desecration of a church.
(Huffington Post)


WTF: Knife falls from 8th story, stabs man in head

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A 57-year-old man was casually walking when he noticed a knife protruding from his head. Yunzhi Xiao was walking underneath a high-rise apartment building when a knife fell from an eighth-floor balcony. The Chinese man felt a “very heavy weight” before bystanders pointed out that he was bleeding. Doctors were able to remove the knife from Xiao’s head, who is in stable condition. (Huffington Post)