WTF: Man robs store with banana

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A man armed with a banana robbed a convenience store in Philadelphia and then rode away on a bicycle . The suspect walking into Tejada Grocery and got in line behind a customer, where individual bananas were being sold. As his turn at the register approached, the man stuffed the fruit into the pocket of his hoodie and used it to simulate a gun.Police say the man demanded cash and cigarettes. (Yahoo)


WTF: Goldfish get brain surgery



A goldfish in Australia had successful brain surgery to remove a tumor that was giving it problems eating. George, the goldfish, underwent the hour-long procedure at Lort Smith Animal Hospital. The doctor who performed the surgery said it was a very intricate procedure and that he had a hard time closing up the would because of the lack of skin. George is now home recovering with 20 other goldfish and is expected to live another 20 years due to the surgery. (Buzzfeed)


WTF: Text book porn star

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A textbook has been recalled after education officials in Thailand realized the “teacher” on the cover was a porn star. The ‘Basic Mathematics” books were sent out to 10 universities and the mistake was spotted only after 3,000 had been distributed. MuangThaiBook accepted they had made an error by using a screenshot from a XXX movie starring adult entertainer Mana Aoki. (Metro)


WTF: Camper sleepwalks off cliff

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An Ohio man, who was camping with friend in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge, is recovering after sleepwalking off a cliff. The man’s friends called for help after realizing that he was missing in the middle of the night. Wolfe County representatives say the unidentified man fell nearly 60-feet and landed in an area with several large boulders. The Cincinnati man miraculously escaped death but did suffer a head injury, a dislocated shoulder and a fractured leg. He’s expected to make a full recovery. (Huffington Post)


WTF: Burglar offeres to mow victim’s lawn

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A burglar, who was caught in the act, offered to mow the homeowners’ lawn in exchange for his freedom. 25-year-old Bryan Remley was allegedly caught rummaging through Joseph Cihak’s home. Cihak fired two shots at Remley after the suspect charged at the resident. Cihak grabbed a second weapon after his first gun jammed and held the suspect at gunpoint as Colleen Cihak called the police. Before the authorities got there, Remley allegedly offered to cut their grass if they let him escape. (Huffington Post)


WTF: Pix from prison

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A Canadian prisoner posted pictures of himself with a bottle of cognac and a cigar causing a Montreal jail to come under fire. The photos, which were uploaded to Facebook by Michael Simoneau-Meunier, were posted with the caption, “Xo and blunt living da jail life”. Simoneau-Meunier also posted of himself and other Bordeaux inmates posing with their shirts off. Jail Officials have declined to comment and Quebec’s public safety department would say only that a zero tolerance policy is in place for alcohol, drugs, tobacco and cell phones in jails and prisons.(Winnipeg Sun)


WTF: “Dark Lord” arrested

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An Arizona man, who called himself the “Dark Lord”, was arrested after setting fire to a bible then urinating on it. Police received a call from the Gospel Rescue Mission that a man was burning something on their front steps. When the cops arrived, 22-year-old Eric Minerault was found dressed in a long black robe with a pentagram necklace along with a book that was wet and burnt. During questioning, Minerault admitted to burning and urinating on the bible. When asked why he defiled the Bible, Minerault explained that he was the “Dark Lord.” (Smoking Gun)


WTF: Ginger discount


A red-haired man has been saving money using his fake, “Ginger Discount Card” for over four years in Scotland .30-year-old Richard Macrae was given the card by a friend as a joke birthday gift four-years ago. Since then Macrae has used the fake card to save money on everything from drinks to transportation. (The Scotsman)


WTF: Free cat with mortgage in Russia


A Russian Bank is throwing in a cat with every mortgage. Sberbank, lets its clients choose from 10-different cats that will be delivered to their home in time for the housewarming party. Unfortunately, the customers won’t be able to keep the pet because they are only intended to enter property before the owner, which is a Russian sign of good luck. The homeowners will have a two hour time frame to spend with their rented friend. (Metro)


WTF: Man eats pasta off of subway floor (video)

A brand manager for Bissell Canada vacuum cleaners is getting a lot of attention for eating spaghetti off a subway floor. In a video, Ravi Dalchand vacuums a patch of floor and proceeds to eat pasta off the same spot. He then sops up the sauce with bread inside of the Toronto station. According to the ad for Bissell’s Symphony All-in-One-Vacuum-and-Steam Mop, “You get a clean, sanitized hard floor.” (Huffington Post)