MUSIC NEWS: Slipknot members identites confirmed

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A disgruntled former drumtech for Slipknot has revealed the identity of the band’s newest members by posting a picture of a backstage call sheet on Instagram.

The sheet, posted by Norm Costa, shows the names Jay Weinberg, their new drummer and Alessandro Venturella, the bassist. While the sheet doesn’t point out who is who, Venturella’s identity was pretty much revealed on accident in Slipknot’s music video for “The Devil In I,” where Venturella’s hand tattoos were visible.

Taylor admitted he was unhappy when distinctive tattoos on Venturella’s hand identified him as Slipknot’s new bassist. At the time, Corey said, “I was, like, ‘Why didn’t we make him wear gloves?’ I was so upset. I was, like, we thought of all this stuff. We put the hood on him and then the mask . . . And then there is his tattoos for everybody (to see). I was, like, ‘Well, we missed the mark on that one.'”

In other news, it was announced this week that Slipknot, along with Linkin Park and Judas Priest, will headline the ninth annual Rock On The Range festival, scheduled for May 15th, 16th and 17th, 2015, at Ohio’s Columbus Crew Stadium. Corey Taylor said in a statement, “It’s been way too long since Slipknot has played Rock On The Range . . . five years is too long. We’re coming back with a new album and a new show. It’ll feel good to headline again.”


MUSIC NEWS: Tool Instagram from studio


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Tool guitarist Adam Jones has posted a photo on his Instagram account, showing the band members together in a recording studio. What is striking and will be extremely interesting to fans is that the photo shows singer Maynard James Keenan alongside Jones and drummer Danny Carey. Keenan does not usually join the recording process until a substantial amount of work has already been done.

Keenan said in an interview earlier this year, “I don’t write the music. They write the music. I wait for them to bring music to me. They tend to go back over and over stuff. It’s a long process.”
Does this mean the music is done and the rest of the band is ready for Keenan to contribute? It’s unknown at this point, but Jones posted a caption with the photo that read, “#SmokeOnTheHorizon.”


MUSIC NEWS: New incubus album in the works

Incubus is finally getting to work on the band’s first album since 2011’s If Not Now When?. Singer Brandon Boyd posted some photos of his bandmates in the studio on Instagram, along with the caption, “Incubus is carving away at a new record!” Guitarist Mike Einziger told the LA Music Blog, “I would imagine we’ll have something come out in February before the first tour starts early next year. Right now, we have about six songs in various stages of completion . . . Brandon’s been out of town, so we’ve been sending him music and he’s been writing lyrics while traveling.”

There are no firm plans yet on a release date. (Loudwire)


MUSIC NEWS: Halestorm post in-studio pics

Halestorm has posted photos at Instagram from the studio in which the band is recording its third album, which is tentatively due out in early 2015. The photos show the various band members working or hanging out in the studio, which seems to be located in some sort of former church. Halestorm’s new album will follow up 2012’s The Strange Case Of . . . , which yielded two chart-topping rock singles in “Freak Like Me” and the Grammy-winning “Love Bites (So Do I).”

Frontperson Lzzy Hale told Loudwire about the new record, “We have a lot of great songs. It’s really going to be a very difficult narrowing down process. Somewhere along the line, you figure it out.”
Hale added, “We’re really trying to bridge the gap between what people see live and what people hear in our records. We haven’t actually captured that yet. I’m really proud of the last two records, but I think its time to simplify and really get back to what in all honestly, what we do best.”
Halestorm debuted two new songs — “Heartbreaker” and “Mayhem” at shows in Tennessee and England this past spring.
The band will play shows in Baltimore, New York City and Watertown, New York at the end of this month before embarking on a longer U.S. tour that begins on November 11th in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


MOVIES: X-Men Apocalypse teaser

X-Men director Bryan Singer created a stir on Monday (June 30th) by tweeting a photo of the treatment for the next installment of the X-Men series. The picture doesn’t offer much aside from a mention of “The Four Horsemen” who work for the villain Apocalypse in the comic books. The treatment also lists Singer, Simon Kinberg, Michael Dougherty, and Dan Harris as the writers on the project. All four have worked on previous X-Men films. X-Men: Apocalypse has been scheduled for theatrical release in May 2016.


MUSIC NEWS: Jack White gets his own ice cream flavor

Jack White is getting his own ice cream flavor. A chain in Australia called Gelato Messina has introduced a limited edition flavor called Jack N’ White, which includes an actual shot of Jack Daniels mixed into a concoction of caramelized white chocolate, caramelized pecans and caramel fudge. The flavor is only available for a week, so you’d better book your flight to Australia fast.



NSFW: Scout Willis’ Instagram Protest

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter, Scout Willis, performed a one-woman protest of Instagram’s nude ban on Tuesday (May 27th.) The 22-year-old walked the streets of New York City topless and posted the photos to the social media site trying to promote the hashtag #FreeTheNipple.

Scout uploaded one picture of herself checking out some flowers along with the caption, “Legal in NYC but not on @instagram.” She uploaded another of her just walking down the street and wrote, “What @instagram won’t let you see #FreeTheNipple.” Her page has since been shut down for violating its community uidelines.

Willis has been vocally anti-Instagram on her Twitter account for the past several days.

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