MOVIES: Lars Ulrich scores film role

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich will appear in a new film called Radio Dreams from young Iranian director Babak Jalali. The comedy started production on November 18th in San Francisco, with Ulrich shooting his scenes on December 8th. The film also features an appearance from Afghan rock band Kabul Dreams. According to the film’s producer, Marjan Moghimi, the story is “set in a radio station where Mohsen Namjoo is a radio writer who is planning to bring Metallica and Kabul Dreams . . . face to face.”

Ulrich’s role in the film is not known, although based on the plot description it seems apparent that he will play himself. Radio Dreams is set for release in 2015 and set photos have been posted online.


MUSIC NEWS: Linkin Park offering free download of new album

Linkin Park Chester

MusicLinkin Park has an early Christmas gift for its fans: The band’s latest album, The Hunting Party, is being made available in the U.S. as a free download through Google Play until December 23rd. According to Antimusic, the online service is also selling other Linkin Park albums for just $1.99 each during the promotion.

Although the free download is only available in the States, the international Google Play outlets are offering deep discounts on Linkin Park’s catalog in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the U.K., Germany, Italy, Australia, and France.


MOVIES: Tim Burton confirms Beetlejuice Sequel

Tim Burton

Tim Burton has confirmed to MTV News that Beetlejuice 2 is definitely happening and that some familiar faces will be back — including Winona Ryder whom he recently worked with on a music video for The Killers. He said,

“I worked with Ryder, I hadn’t seen her in a while…and she was so great. I was so happy to see her. So those kinds of elements mean something to me. Michael, and her…and that character, I just miss it, there’s some freedom about that character that I love.”

Michael Keaton said back in February that he would return for a sequel if Tim was the director.


TV: Sully Erna shoots pilot for new TV show

Godsmack vocalist Sully Erna revealed in a new interview with The Rock Revival that he recently finished shooting a role in a pilot for a proposed TV series along with Drea De Matteo of Sons Of Anarchy and The Sopranos fame. Along with some potential film appearances, Erna said he hopes to continue building his acting resume. He explained,

“I’m just trying to continue to get some momentum in TV and film, because I really enjoy it as well.” Erna added, “It’s a really fun thing. I’m just working my way up that ladder at this point and nurturing Godsmack when that needs some attention and doing some solo stuff. The rest of my time I give to my daughter.”

Erna’s other roles include a small part in the Martin Scorsese-produced Bleed For This and a lead role in the recent low-budget horror movie Army Of The Damned. Erna said the latter movie was fun to do even if it wasn’t high art:

“There’s some good action in it, there’s some good gore in it, and there’s definitely a lot of little comedy bits. It was fun making it. It was a good experience, and it gave me an opportunity to take on a lead role too. So it was good to know that I could take the weight of a lead on, you know, for future projects hopefully that come up.”

The singer just completed some solo dates and will return to the road with Godsmack in 2015.


MUSIC NEWS: Papa Roach unveils “Broken As Me”

Papa Roach has unveiled a brand new song called “Broken As Me” ahead of the January 27th release of the band’s eighth full-length studio album, F.E.A.R. The new disc was recorded in Las Vegas, taking the band out of their Sacramento, California home base for the first time since 2006. Papa Roach worked with the father-and-son producing team of Kevin and Kane Churko on the new CD. Frontman Jacoby Shaddix said that he wasn’t very happy at first about going to Sin City to record:

“I ended up in this city where I’ve had some of my greatest failures and worst decision making, and some of my biggest debacles of my life happened in Vegas, you know. And I believe I was sent back to that city to go do right this time, and we went there and I just faced that fear of living in this city that I felt was gonna eat me alive. But really and truly I just gave myself to this music 100 percent, and that’s what pulled me through.”

Shaddix admitted that the band went into the studio this time with almost no new material prepared, explaining,

“Usually when we begin working, we’ll have a bunch of demos, and I’ll have a bag of lyrics ready to go. We didn’t have those things this time.”

Guitarist Jerry Horton added,

“We walked into the studio with nothing. It was frightening since it was so different, but it was also liberating. Once the ball started rolling, it was a snowball effect.”

Papa Roach and Seether will team up for a co-headlining North American tour that kicks off on January 9th in Orlando, Florida and winds down on February 7th in Las Vegas. 2015 also marks the 15th anniversary of Papa Roach’s major label debut and commercial breakthrough, Infest, which featured their first massive hit, “Last Resort.”


MUSIC NEWS: Green Day will be inducted into RRHoF

Green DAy billie Joe

Green Day was chosen for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday evening (December 15th), with the punk veterans getting the nod in their first year of eligibility. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong told Rolling Stone that he had to “go for a walk” when he got the news, saying,

“I wound up at this cafe and I sat down and my son met up with me. I told him and he was like, ‘Oh my God. No way.’ It just took some time to sink in. We’re in incredible company and I’m still trying to make sense of this. It’s just incredible.”

Looking back at the band’s 25-year recording history, Armstrong said,

“The fact that we kept on hanging on to this thing we believe in for so many years is incredible. It’s unique that we started so young. It’s almost freakish. We were weird little kids. We got to be weird together and create this thing called Green Day for so many years.”

Armstrong said a while back that he finds it difficult to reflect on the group’s past:

“It’s hard to look back when you’re thinking about the future so much. We’ve done a lot of things. Like, when we started playing punk rock music, it was already a proven fact that you couldn’t be famous or get big or be a millionaire off of being in a punk rock band, and we’ve definitely broken those rules. But we’ve tried to take it in and just move on, you know. It’s just crazy. It’s been a pretty strange journey indeed.”

Armstrong and Green Day have been at the Hall of Fame ceremony before, most notably their first time in 2002, when they performed in place of the Ramones. Armstrong also inducted the Stooges in 2010. Also being inducted alongside Green Day are Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. Armstrong said,

“It’s great. I’m so happy for her . . . The way that she is just this badass woman and probably the s**t she had to deal with in a male-dominated rock scene, it’s just an honor to be side-by-side with her.”

Armstrong said that Green Day will perform at the induction ceremony and joked that their turn onstage will be drama-free, saying,

“I look at Mike and Tre (Cool, drummer) and what we’ve done and I look at our fans and how everything is just still intact and our relationship is still there. Me and Mike live a couple of blocks from each other. We’ve lived a couple blocks from each other our whole lives . . . We’re all in a surreal state right now.”

Armstrong acknowledged that the band has “a lot of heavy stuff going on right now,” referring to Mike Dirnt’s wife’s battle with breast cancer and guitarist Jason White’s recently diagnosed tonsil cancer. But he added, “I think of next year as us kind of regrouping and getting together more. I want to make sure that everyone’s head is in the right place and wants to start doing it again.”
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place in Cleveland on April 18th.

SIDE NOTES: Also going into the Hall of Fame alongside Green Day and Joan Jett will be Lou Reed, Bill Withers, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Fellow first-time nominees Nine Inch Nails, the Smiths, Kraftwerk and NWA did not make the final list this time.


WTF: Santa’s sleigh gets parking ticket

187093860 2

Santa Claus’ sleigh was given a ticket for parking in a no parking zone. Chris Uttley was towing the sleigh to a charity event when he stopped to wait for some volunteers outside a co-op. He started transferring some tins from his car to the sleigh when he was slammed with a $50-dollar-ticket. Uttley said that “Santa was absolutely shocked,” and thought the warden should “get a lump of coal for Christmas.” (NY Post)


FOOD: Spicy food = higher testosterone


Do you love spicy food? A French study finds that men with higher levels of testosterone tend to enjoy spicy food. Researchers had 114 men between the ages of 18 and 44 eat mashed potatoes with spicy pepper sauce and salt. They found a clear connection between higher hot sauce usage and men with more testosterone in their saliva. Study authors note that how much capsaicin- the chili powder compound that makes the peppers hot- a man likes has been linked to social dominance, aggression and “daring behaviors.” On the other hand, low testosterone levels have been associated with lethargy or depressive mood. Still, study authors say “a wide range of factors…influence the liking and consumption of capsaicin-containing food.” (Time)


FOOD: Tiny realistic looking food

fake food

A Japanese company has started selling jewelry made to look like your favorite foods. Fake-food manufacturer Hatanaka now has silver dollar pancake earrings, greasy bacon belts, and even curry-rice necklaces available on their website. The company created its new brand of wearable fake foods to hopefully increase profits. (Buzzfeed)