TECH: Poo bus now running



England’s first bus powered entirely by human waste has officially hit the streets. The Bio-bus is a 40-seater shuttle capable of traveling 186 miles on a full tank. Bath Bus Company believes the “poo bus” will carry 10,000 passengers between Bristol Airport and Bath city center each month. (Engagdet)


BEER: X-Rated named beer causes uproar

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An X-rated beer “named” after a town has caused a political storm. The beer called “F*cking Hell” was named after a town in Northern Austria. F*cking locals upset with the name complained in 2010, but the Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union defended the company because it did not “refer to a certain person or group of persons” and does it incite a particular act. The fire has been rekindled after it was promoted on the website of the far right Austrian Freedom Party, which is a neighboring county. (FCHornet)


MUSIC NEWS: Three Days Grace album update

In his latest blog entry at Loudwire, Three Days Grace drummer Neil Sanderson says that the band’s upcoming fifth album is “turning out to be such a personal reflection” for the members of the group. He writes, “One of my favorite things about making this kind of record is when as a team, we decide to just lay it all on the line emotionally, and write about all the demons, the feelings; good and bad, all the pain and the rushes, and all the highs and lows . . . in all of our lives.”

Sanderson says that the band is targeting March 31st, 2015 for the release of the yet-to-be-titled set, adding, “We still have a lot of work to do . . . Some songs we write, and rewrite, then record, and re-record and so on.”


SEX: Fetish Fitness Classes


A Los Angeles Dominatrix has created “fetish fitness” classes for submissive students. In her group classes, Snow Mercy has students compete against each other and win points based on strength, agility, endurance and, most important, obedience. Mercy is not a licensed trainer, and emphasizes that all her kinky workouts are strictly for entertainment purposes. (Huffington Post)


TECH: Street Pong

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An intersection in a Northern German city has a “Street Pong” game that pedestrians can play while they wait for the light. The game was installed by two students from University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The game is attached to posts on either side of the road, which allows pedestrians to face off. The students say the game will be tested for four weeks at the intersection to see if it continues to capture the interest of pedestrians. (Popist)


WTF: Doritos truck robbed in blizzard


If you’re stranded on a snowy highway, The Associated Press has some good tips for what to do. Stealing food from abandoned delivery trucks isn’t one of them.

Several social media users have reported seeing a Doritos truck in South Buffalo, apparently abandoned by its driver in the lake effect snow storm. The vehicle appeared to be stuck in several feet of snow.

Photos showed several people entering the back of the truck, and leaving with snacks. (


WTF: Ice Skating Jesus Arrested

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A Philadelphia man dressed as Jesus was arrested for soliciting tips while ice skating. 28-year-old Michael Grant was skating in his “Philly Jesus” get up when he was arrested for allegedly seeking tips in exchange for pictures. Grant said he created the Philly Jesus character after his religious beliefs helped him overcome substance abuse issues. (Gawker)


TV: Katy Sagal signs on for new FX show

sons of anarchy


Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has hired Katey Sagal for his next TV show. The project is another drama for FX called The Bastard Executioner. According to Deadline, “Bastard Executioner tells the story of a warrior knight in King Edward III’s charge who is broken by the ravages of war and vows to lay down his sword. But when that violence finds him again, he is forced to pick up the bloodiest sword of all.” No details regarding her role have been released.