Ghost Chili/Scorpion Pepper Beer

This week Marshall and I are going head to head in Fantasy Football.  The loser will have to drink what is called “The Hottest Beer in the World”.  It features a colon clearing mixture of ghost chilies and scorpion peppers.  Neither of us want to drink it, but this Tuesday on the Work Release Program someone’s going to.  Pictures and video to come.


Kotter goes for a “run”

Kotter claimed to go for a run before work a few weeks back.  Marshall called him out on it and discovered Kotter’s ass never left his couch.  As punishment Kotter was supposed to run five laps around the station.  Instead he ran across the street Spanky’s and had a beer.


WRP Napkin

Once upon a time the Work Release Program was hosted solely by Kotter.  While on vacation Marshall filled in for Kotter and decided not to leave once he got back.  At first they split the show in two with Marshall hosting 3 to 5 and Kotter taking care of 5 to 7.  However, after a night of serious drinking and the scribbling down of ideas on a napkin (see below) they decided to host the show together.  The end.


Southbound Brewing Company Tours & Tastings

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Last Friday of the month join the Work Release Program live at the Southbound Brewing Company for their Tours & Tastings.

We’ll be playing cornhole for Rock 106.1 swag and enjoying the incredibly tasty beer brewed right here in Savannah.

Listen to Rock 106.1 for details on how you can get on our guest list for the last Friday of the month events.