Torture Tuesday – Blazin’ Wing Challenge

Both Kotter and Marshall lost a game of Stumps to a 10 year old so they figure it was only fitting that they both face Torture Tuesday. Here’s video of them taking the Blazin’ Wing Challenge from Buffalo Wild Wings.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Pictures from Halloween Havoc!


A BIG thanks to everyone who came out the Music Vault for Halloween Havoc featuring POP EVIL!

CLICK HERE to check out all of the pictures from the event.  Thanks to Christine Christie for all of the fabulous photos!

Knights of Destruction

Saturday 10/25/14 the Knights of Destruction are coming to the OSP and we’re donating an old station vehicle for them to destroy. However Kotter and Marshall decided to take few shots at it before it left the parking lot. We’re guessing the Knights of Destruction will do a much better job.

Things You Shouldn’t Google – Eel Soup

We started a new bit on the Work Release Program and it’s called “Things You Shouldn’t Google.”  Concept is simple, we Google a topic or subject that would be better off left alone and then we watch it so you don’t have to.  The video below is our reaction to video the “Eel Soup” video.  If you’re wondering Eel Soup involves two ladies, one funnel and a bunch of eels.

Wheel of Punishment

WheelThe WHEEL OF PUNISHMENT is here!!  It works like this.  Kotter and Marshall are competing in the Work Release Program Fantasy Football and whoever does worse will have to spin the wheel and face the consequences.  A total of 8 punishments will be added with varying degrees of pain and/or embarrassment.

Think you’ve got a better punishment?  Let us know and we may add it to the wheel.  CLICK HERE and post on the Work Release Program Facebook Page.

Here’s the items on the wheel so far.

8. Tybee Island Polar Bear Plunge

7. Wear a Cheerleader Outfit to a Station Event

6. Get a Prostate Exam on the Air

5. Be Attacked by a Police Dog

4. No Beer for a Month

3. Eat a Laxative Burrito

2. Shave (Marshall)/Hair Cut (Kotter)

1. Taser

Kotter’s got more ink from Black Orchid Tattoo!

The process started over a year and a half ago (mainly because I’m a procrastinator) but this past Tuesday (10/7) Chris Autry from Black Orchid Tattoo finished up my chest piece.  Yes I moaned and winced like a small child but the finished product is completely worth it.  Chris Autry is the man!  Thank you sir.  Also I’m sorry, cause no one should have to see me without a shirt on for that extended period of time.

And if you’re wondering the tattoo is for my daughters Kennedy and Ella Jean.  They are both hugely into books, art and science.  Plus my youngest has a collection of over 200 pandas. They’re badass kids, so they deserved a badass tattoo. – Kotter

Torture Tuesday #1 – World’s Hottest Beer

So I lost to Marshall in Fantasy Football this week (thanks for the .6 points Brandon Marshall) so that means I have to endure the first ever Torture Tuesday. My punishment is the World’s Hottest Beer, the Ghost Scorpion from the Elevator Brewery.

Ghost Chili/Scorpion Pepper Beer

This week Marshall and I are going head to head in Fantasy Football.  The loser will have to drink what is called “The Hottest Beer in the World”.  It features a colon clearing mixture of ghost chilies and scorpion peppers.  Neither of us want to drink it, but this Tuesday on the Work Release Program someone’s going to.  Pictures and video to come.


Kotter goes for a “run”

Kotter claimed to go for a run before work a few weeks back.  Marshall called him out on it and discovered Kotter’s ass never left his couch.  As punishment Kotter was supposed to run five laps around the station.  Instead he ran across the street Spanky’s and had a beer.